Mass (Un)Intelligence

According to statistics, the average IQ in the US is around 90. At first glace, I’m like “No, that’s not right.” Seriously, 80 is considered mentally deficient! After working in customer service for a while, the statistics become more believable. You can explain things dozens of times and people still don’t get what you’re saying. I’ve had conversations with customers that really blow my mind. Here in the Bay Area, we can no longer provide plastic bags and have to charge for paper ones. (Don’t you love politics?) Here’s a conversation I had with a customer concerning this:

Me: Would you like to purchase a 15 cent bag to put your items in sir?

Customer: No…Could I get a bag for this stuff?

Me: I have to charge you 15 cents for that bag?

Customer: You’re kidding, right? Forget that! (Grabs his stuff and storms off.)

If he had been talking on the phone or texting or something, I could understand a little bit. Distraction can make it difficult to hear or comprehend what someone is saying, but this guy was just standing there looking at me. This is not an isolated incident. Eight hours a day for 32-40 hours a week I have to deal with a constant flow of people who either do not know what they want, or cannot tell me what they want, then have the gall to call me stupid because I cannot tell them what is on their mind. If I were I mind reader, trust me, I’d be making A LOT more money than I am now.


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