Advising Ignorance

Has anyone ever wondered how so many people get paid to give others advice? What bothers me is the fact that most people giving that advice have no real world credentials that validate their abilities. Some moron posts ten “tips” to reduce stress…well duh, everyone knows that cammomile tea and hot baths help with stress! As far as the long walks on the beach, that might be more of a personal preference thing.

Now when you have people giving economic advice, especially in these troubled times, that really strikes a cord with me. Sometimes these people will actually have a degree in economics, but most of the time they are just some Joe Shmoe off the street trying to tell me how to save money on my groceries. Excuse me, moron, but did you manage to feed and clothe three children, keep a roof over their heads as well as make sure all of their needs were met on a mere $400 a month? I didn’t think so. If you really want economic advice, talk to a single mother with a deadbeat ex.


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