Stupidity Behind the Wheel

I know I’m on a stupidity kick lately, but I live in California, so I can’t help it. Yesterday I went to pick my man up from the BART with my grandson in his carseat. On the way back some girl cut me off twice while weaving in and out of traffic. I had to turn left while she went straight at an intersection, and as we pulled up beside her, my man saw that she was texting while driving. So her stupidity put my grandson in danger.

Since I’ve been here in California I’ve seen more stupidity on the road than I have just about anywhere else (and I’ve been a lot of places). It seems that in California turn signals are to be used on a whim, and do not necessarily indicate which direction the driver is turning…or even IF the driver is turning at all.

Speed limits are obviously variable and optional. Though the speed limit signs on the freeways SAY 65 mph, people are only capable of going two speeds: 40 mph or 80 + mph. It seems that I aggravate everyone by following the posted laws. The highways are not the only place where speed limits are an issue. Near my home there is a strip of road with a 40 mph speed limit. Again there are two speeds: 20 mph and 50 mph. It is unacceptable for me to go 40.

There are no passing zones all over near where I live, yet I have to watch for morons passing throughout these zones. Parking lots are death traps around here. Not just because people are idiots behind the wheel, but also because the people who designed the lots were morons. There is no space between cars, no space between lanes, no space to pull out, no visibility and to top it off, you have morons flying through at 30-40 mph. The fact that most parking lots are packed full with bustling crowds of idiots day and night doesn’t help much.

I know that there is a growing trend to make fun of stupidity. In my old age I’m finding that harder and harder to do. What I used to find humorous, I just find sad now. To think that the world is being turned over to a generation of people who have to buy tennis shoes with velcro straps, or simply not tie their shoes because they don’t know how is saddening on a fundamental level. Young people should have more sense than to use a phone while they are using s two-ton deadly piece of machinery.


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