Corporate Apprenticeship

I wanted to get back to my education idea. How about a hypothetical situation:

Say you have Several high performing high school juniors. They finish up their junior year, and in the summer before they start their final year in high school, several companies approach them with apprenticeship offers. Some of them will offer rooms and meals if the business is farther from their home than a reasonable commute, others will offer access to the company fitness gym, etc. All of them will require a minimum of a five year contract to work for them, with the salary negotiated within, at the end of the apprenticeship. This apprenticeship would act like a college degree. The negotiations would feel much like negotiating a scholarship. This would work for any field: business, science, accounting, medicine, etc. Much like colleges, the best companies would produce the best prodigies. Those “Ivey League” companies  may require longer contracts, but all of that would have to be negotiated between the company and the prodigy. Depending on how talented and smart the prodigy is, the company may be willing to negotiate more with him/her.


One thought on “Corporate Apprenticeship

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