Relationship Ups and Downs

From time to time I scroll around on Netflix or Amazon Prime looking for shows to watch to pass the time. I found the show Hawthorne, starring Jada Pinkett Smith, and thought I’d check it out. I gave that up not quite halfway through the second season because I was getting really frustrated with the relationship aspect of the show. Smith’s character, a nurse named Christina Hawthorne, is obviously in love with the doctor on the show, Tom Wakefield. Despite the fact that he has professed his love and even asked her to marry him, she has rejected him. She claims that his profession was false and he didn’t mean his proposal. The chairwoman of the “ethics board” of the hospital, Erin Jameson, takes an interest in Tom after she learns that he and Christina are an item, and starts developing plans to sweep him away. (How ironic is that?)

The overwhelming relationship issues in this scenario have my head swimming. To begin with, communication is key to any successful relationship. For Christina to simply disregard what Tom had to say about his feelings was selfish and wrong. Either you want to have a relationship with this man or you don’t. If you don’t, you can’t pine after him once you’ve rejected him. If you do, you have to respect his feelings, listen to what he has to say and take those words at face value. On the flip side of that, when you speak to him, you have to say what you mean: no hidden meaning, no cryptic messages and no expecting him to read your mind.

The stuff with Erin really gets me. What kind of woman (or person) sets out to “steal” a lover from someone else? Isn’t that kinda sick? First off, you’re deliberately trying to hurt at least one, if not two people. Second, if that person can be “stolen” doesn’t that say something about his/her character? I mean really, once she has him, every girl who walks by would be a potential “thief” because he can obviously be “stolen” so easily. Her life would be consumed with jealousy. Who would want to live like that? I certainly wouldn’t.

Relationships thrive best when there is mutual respect, mutual intellectual stimulation, sexual attraction, mutual interests, respect for each others space and open communication. Ironically, children grow up and thrive best in a similar kind of environment (minus the sexual attraction, of course).

Anyway, I hope I can find something better to watch and pass the time with.


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