A Woman’s World

Now that I’ve broken the ice, so to speak, I have a few questions. Are reason and intelligence intimidating qualities for a woman to have? Is it wrong for a woman to be outspoken about thinking science, reason and logic are the ways of the future? Are men the only ones who are allowed to speak out about protecting the minds of our youth from the mysticism of old?

From my perspective, women, especially mothers, have a vested interest in speaking out against teaching religion as science in school. Personally, I have no issues with teaching religion, as religion. As long as children understand that what they are learning is just one of thousands of worldviews, then have at it. Perhaps that will spark more curiosity in the child and s/he will want to learn more about other cultures. The next thing you know, you have a cultural ambassador on your hands. I only have a problem when one worldview is taught as fact, and I think others should feel the same way. If specific families have certain religious or cultural beliefs that they feel the need to indoctrinate their children into, that is what home and church are for. Feel free to abuse your own children in the privacy of your own church and home. Do not force everyone else to participate in your archaic, abusive rituals.

I’m wondering off point here. My original issue was the fact that the “New World Order” of atheist leaders does not seem to have room for women. Is that because the women now days are too conformist to speak out? Is it because the men shine too brightly to allow a place for the women to step in? What exactly is the issue here? Why aren’t there any strong, female, atheist voices out there? Don’t get me wrong, the men we have are amazing. Neil deGrasse Tyson is one of my all time heroes. Richard Dawkins is coming to San Francisco next month, and I want to be first in line to see him speak. Seth Andrews is amazingly articulate. I just want to know why there are no women for me to admire. I keep hearing rumors that women are less likely to embrace atheism. I take that as a personal insult. That is telling me that my gender is less likely to look at things logically and choose the intelligent course of action. My response…screw you. Personally I think that more women are likely to be politically correct about things and choose not to “rock the boat.” In my opinion, rocking the boat is the only way to get things accomplished. We will be catering to the whims of religious extremists unless we do something about it. We, as intelligent women, need to recognize that and take action. It’s time to be recognized.


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