Scammed to Death

How can you learn to make millions of dollars by sitting on your butt and doing nothing? Send me a check for $25 and I’ll show you how!

These kinds of things keep popping up all over the place. What people need to understand is that a magic formula for living “the good life” does not exist. These pyramid scams (which is what they are) simply show you how to dupe others. Since the scam is obviously pretty well established, you’re at the bottom of the food chain and the most likely to lose your money without any payoff. The only way to make a large amount of money in a short time is to a) win the lottery, b) come into an inheritance, or c) come up with your own unique idea and market it well. Even if your idea is a spin-off from an existing idea, if no one has done it before, all you have to do is market it properly (making sure that you have the patents, copyrights and trademarks in order) and you’ve got it made.

People who claim that you can make money blogging by copying others are full of it. No one wants to read the same crap over and over. Don’t let some scam artist take your money with the promise of fame and fortune. You can achieve your own fame and fortune. People read blogs for lots of different reasons. Some blogs are entertaining, others are informative. Some carry valuable instructions on how to do specific things, while others cater to specific interests. The people who read the blogs do so for varying reasons. No one format or type will bring in money or traffic. Sponsors become interested in bloggers because of a) content, b) traffic, c) the bloggers skill at relaying the kind of message the sponsor wants relayed.

Don’t be scammed. Don’t be duped. Use your head. Don’t give these jerks any more money to sit on a beach with. Don’t be scammed to death while some prick uses your money to buy girlie drinks on a Caribbean beach.


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