Upgrading My Life

A few months back my cheap little coffee grinder bit the dust. I decided that I wanted a decent grinder that would last, so I invested in a KitchenAid burr grinder. This thing is beautiful and amazing. It ensures that my coffee comes out perfect every time I make it.

So yesterday we were considering a new mixer. After our experience with the grinder, we looked into KithenAid, and found a great one on sale. It’s an Artisan model, sleek, gorgeous and very efficient.


I was anxious to use it (like a kid with a new toy) so I made some whipped cream today. I put the heavy cream into the bowl, added the sugar and turned the mixer on. Within seconds it had whipped the cream into a fluffy cloud of yummy dreaminess. No more hovering over a bowl for 2-3 minutes with this baby.

My next kitchen venture is going to be a high quality food processor. The one I have now is a piece of crap. I want something that can chop, dice, mince or puree at the touch of a button. When I say puree, I mean peanut butter out of peanuts if I so desire. If anyone has suggestions concerning brands or models for me to look into, I would truly appreciate the input.


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