Is California Reckless and Irresponsible

I know I do a lot of griping about the drivers in California, but this time I’m going to change tracks just a bit. I’m going to grip about California drivers, of course, but I’m going to pull California road laws into the mix. First off, let me tell you the story that prompted this post:

My man and I were on the highway heading home from an awesome day of putt-putt, bumper boats and arcade games. He notice the motorcycle gang coming up behind us and pointed them out (mostly because he knows I have a fascination with bikes). I was checking out the bikes and noticing that this was a really large gang. Usually you’ll see maybe 15 or 20 guys cruisin’ together. This had to be at least 50 or 60, maybe more. It was obvious that these guys wanted to get by, but we were already going 70. When they got an opening about half the gang were able to pass, but the other half couldn’t get by. A little later there was another break. One of the guys went around, got in front of us and slammed on his breaks, slowing to around 50 to allow the rest of his buddies to pass us.

This biker was inches from us as he did that. He cut my man off to slow him down, putting his life in danger in the process. What bothers me the most about a scenario like this is the motorcycle laws here in California that emboldens people to pull a stunt like that. Motorcycles, by law, can drive between lanes where there is no lane. Much like pedestrians, if there is a wreck involving a car and a motorcycle, the car is automatically at fault unless it can be proved otherwise. These kinds of laws are extremely detrimental. They give a motorcycle driver a sense of invincibility. In reality, a motorcycle driver should be feeling just the opposite.

On a motorcycle, a person is at his/her most vulnerable on the road. Every turn, every acceleration…every decision…is life or death. To make laws that ensure that the people riding motorcycles don’t understand that is both reckless and irresponsible on the part of the state of California.


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