How do you know when it’s time for a change?

How do you know when it’s time for a change?

  1. Life starts feeling monotonous. You’re doing the same things over and over…life seems like autopilot.
  2. What you’re doing is no longer interesting.
  3. You feel like something is missing.
  4. The scenery no longer suits you.
  5. You feel like you’re living life for someone else, rather than yourself. The people in our lives should enhance our lives, not consume them.
  6. You feel lonely.
  7. You simply want a change.

What are some ways to go about changing?

  1. Talk to the people in your life. Find out what might be bothering them as well. Work together to communicate and find those commonalities that might bring you closer.
  2. Look closely at what you’re eating and how much exercise you’re getting. You’d be surprised how closely related diet, exercise and emotional states truly are.
  3. Take up a hobby. Here are some of mine: reading, writing, video games, board games, card games, cooking/baking, researching subjects that interest me (there are A LOT of them), taking care of my cats, sensual activities, and more.
  4. Rearrange your furniture, or paint your house. Often times the simple act of changing the look of your surroundings can alleviate tension and pent up frustration.
  5. If you have a significant other, discuss ways to improve communication and intimate relations. Don’t fall into a trap of becoming “just friends” with your significant other. It is important to keep that romantic spark alive. Without sexual attraction, your “significant” other becomes just your other.
  6. Bring a pet into your life. Studies show that pet owners live longer, happier lives than non-pet owners.
  7. If you have the resources, take a trip, even if it’s only a weekend camping trip. A change of venue can help to clear your head and relieve feelings of anxiety.

Often times the urge for change is simply your subconscious telling you that something isn’t right. The first step is to recognize the feeling. The next step is to do something. Being human, we are not always going to do the right thing, but while we try to recognize what our bodies are telling us, we need to be open and honest with those we love.


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