Union Greed

There are a lot of things that are frustrating about living in the San Francisco Bay Area .  I complain a lot about California drivers. The flaws in these drivers are far more pronounced when there is a lot of traffic to deal with. Rush hour (excuse me, I mean hourS here) is an intense time. Right now it’s even more intense, because one of our main public transit systems, Bay Area Transit, more commonly referred to as BART, is on strike.

The union first went on strike many months ago claiming that there were unresolved safety issues. The company immediately resolved all the issues the union sited, as well as complied with salary raises. That was not enough for these people. They want more money so they went on strike again. They didn’t get exactly what they wanted, but ended up going back to work for a while, and are on strike again.

The majority of these jobs are unskilled, non-degreed jobs, yet the make at least $40,000 annually. Most make much more than that, yet it isn’t enough. How many people with nothing but a high school diploma to their name can expect to make that kind of money? What on earth makes these people think that they are so much better than the rest of the people in the Bay Area? The biggest question I have is, why is BART even negotiating with this greedy union? What they should be doing is hiring scabs and starting fresh with people who won’t screw them like this. The company has been more than reasonable in this negotiation, it’s the unskilled, uneducated union that has not.


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