Let’s talk a little about Ganon. I only named my blog after him because I thought he was so photogenic. For twenty pounds, he carries his weight quite well. What I want to know is how such a good-looking cat can be so darn needy and annoying.

He will suck up to me, get me to forgive him for whatever horrible things he’s done in the past, just in time for me to find something important chewed up on the floor. We have to spray our furniture with organic cat repellent to keep him from chewing it. We must double check all of the closets and  cabinets to ensure he doesn’t get into them–and tear up the contents. Unfortunately for me, I tend to fall for his sweet disposition, then get lax in my duties just in time for him to go on a destructive rampage. He’s manipulative that way. That face may look sweet, but there is a calculating little mind behind those eyes.

He spends much of his time sucking up to my significant other. That way when he gets into trouble, it’s more my fault than it is his. Again, he’s a calculating one. My significant other has always had a weakness for fat cats, and Ganon uses that to his advantage. He can purr on cue, making himself seem even more cute.

What I find worrisome is the fact that he doesn’t exercise as much as I think he should. He will play, but only on his terms. Often he will simply watch the other cats play. I’ve seen him stop to rest in the middle of playing. I know he’s fat, but he’s also young. I think he should be more vibrant and energetic than he is. I want him to lose some weight and become a bit more healthy. My significant other says that I’m overreacting, but I’d hate to think that Ganon’s destructive behavior is a result of frustration that I’m ignoring.


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