We’ve had Link longer than both Ganon and Zelda. He is a good cat; the only one we have who can regulate his own food. The other two we have to watch like a hawk to ensure they don’t gorge themselves to death. He is beautiful, with gorgeous long fur and fluffy tail. His favorite game at this point is chasing Zelda around the house. He also likes to startle her (it is pretty easy). He used to like the laser pointer, but since we got Zelda and Ganon, he seems to have lost interest.

I’ve always thought it was interesting, and a little funny, that Link is scared of bubbles. Zelda will go crazy popping bubbles. Ganon mostly likes to watch Zelda. He will pop a bubble here and there, but every time the bubbles come out, Link will run and hide. He is one of only two cats I’ve ever known who didn’t like to play with bubbles.

Link is set in his ways. He does not like change. He likes his schedule to be solid, and when there are variations, he gets cranky. If food is not served on time, he will let you know. I am required to brush my teeth, go to bed and spend some alone time petting him at 10 pm. If that doesn’t happen, he let’s me know, in no uncertain terms, that I screwed up.

I am his human. He is very possessive. If I start to pet another cat, he will crawl out of the woodwork to see what is going on and why I’m betraying him. He is not really a lap cat. Rarely, he will sit on a lap just for attention, but he will do so every so often to make a point. If I pet another cat a bit too much, he will sit on my lap to make it clear that I belong to him. Once he’s made his point, he will nonchalantly go about his business. Maybe I’m a sucker for dominance, but I think he’s cute.


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