This is Zelda. I often wonder if she dips into my coffee cup when I’m not looking. This cat startles at the slightest noise. You can watch her jump a mile when a fly buzzes by her. She is constantly whizzing from one side of the house to the other, trying to knock as many things over as she can in the process. Her ultimate goal is to knock over the television while trying to reach the top of our seven foot tall entertainment center. She hasn’t succeeded…yet, but efforts are continuing every day.

Ganon may be twenty pounds, but Zelda is the one who puts the food down. This is probably the most unladylike little girl I’ve known in quite a while. She will eat her own portion of food, then push her way into eating the boys’ food, too. After that, she tries to beg for table scraps from us. The unladylike behavior doesn’t stop there. This cute picture I have here, is one of very few. When she lays down, it is usually in sprawled out, contorted positions that a sweet, dainty little kitty should never be pictured in. (Of course, I still take the pictures. I must have evidence, ya know.)

She also seems to have a fascination with wonderland. Every night, just before bedtime, she frantically scratches at the mirror as if she’s trying to get in. I managed to get it on video once:


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