Trucking Through Rush Hour

Rush hour(s) is a really frustrating time here in the Bay Area. What I’ve been noticing lately is that it isn’t necessarily the commuters that cause most of the issues, though. Today, as I was coming home, a semi-truck was turning off of the highway. This truck did not have enough room to make the turn, so it blocked the entire intersection. When the light turned, this truck was blocking four lanes. This is only one, small example of how these trucks complicate rush hour.

What frustrates me is how law enforcement seems to look the other way. A commuter can go slightly over the speed limit, and law enforcement is ready and willing to write a ticket; the truck backs traffic up for miles and law enforcement is nowhere to be found. Which is more harmful to society in the longrun: one lone commuter going a few miles over the posted speed limit, or the truck that congests traffic, potentially causing multiple minor collisions and preventing the smooth flow of traffic for who knows how long?

If anyone wants my opinion (which they probably don’t, lol), I think trucks should be limited concerning when they can do their deliveries. These trucks should not be allowed in these high traffic areas during rush hour times. That way they cannot cause these kinds of issues. If law enforcement is not going to do anything about these trucks blocking traffic and causing a public menace, perhaps the trucks shouldn’t be there in the first place.


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