What Is Beauty?

This question has been bothering me for quite a while now. Should we all surrender to some societal consensus concerning what people are supposed to look like? We have all seen the videos that show how Barbie is unrealistic, but does that mean I must concede to think that someone else’s idea of beauty is more appealing?

Personally, I have never really found Barbie to be all that attractive. Her neck is too long, her head is too small, her legs are too thin and her feet are just tiny. From my perspective as a child, both she and Ken looked ridiculous. I much preferred G.I. Joe. He was far more proportionate.

I’m wondering off topic again. The question is, who should control my perception of beauty? Society? My friends? My colleagues? My superiors at work? My fears of fitting in with all of the above? Fortunately for me, I have no said fears, therefore, I think I should control my perception of beauty.

It seems that there are a host of others out there who believe differently. Every time one person expresses admiration in the beauty of another, someone has to taint that compliment. People make unnecessary comments about beauty needing to come from within, or make negative comments to contradict the original positive one.

Beauty can be endless, and can be found everywhere. When we look into the night sky, there is beauty.


When we look int the distance, we see beauty.

landscape forestscape Mountain-Landscapes-18 stunning-mountain-landscape-wide-pixel-nature

Who are we to judge whether or not some form of beauty is worthy of someone else’s admiration? Just because the beauty does not fit into the society’s definition of what beauty should be,

Beautiful-tattoos-For-men tatoo.beauty

it does not change any one person’s perception. Everyone sees things through the eyes of their own experience. That perception shapes their idea of what beauty is. For any person, group of people, or general society to try to change that, or any other aspect of a person’s personality or thought process, is not just wrong, it’s taking steps toward tyranny.


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