SEO Trolls

I get a lot of jerks trying to sell me some guide to help me with search engine optimization. Did it ever occur to these guys that I’m not really concerned with that stuff? I’m not on here to see how many people I can pull off of the web. I mean, if a few people check out my blog, great! I’m glad that I can touch a life here and there. I hope it’s for good, but who knows? Not everyone agrees with me.

Mostly I come on here for me. There are a variety of reasons I blog. My feelings change from minute to minute, and that probably shows in my blogs. While one blog is about my cats, another is about the new mixer I got, yet another is my feelings on God and religion, and another is on my feelings toward interviewing techniques. I have never had the patience to keep a diary. The few times I tried, I found it to be tedious, and unproductive. The concept of having a potential audience to critique my life experiences makes the idea of keeping a “diary” more tangible. I enjoy having people call me out on points they think are sketchy or incorrect (possibly because I’m a bit of a perfectionist), but I’m not hunting for readers. If there is something here that catches your eye, if something about me, or my blog intrigues you, then by all means, I’d love for you to stick around and critique my writing. The readers that wander into my blog come here because they are looking for something I have. I have no desire to try to sell my writings to people who have no interest in them.

For this reason, all those idiots peddling SEO BS, peddle it elsewhere. My tags, my italics, my bold letters, are all fine. The people coming to my page are here because they want to be here. You are not wanted–please leave!


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