Everything in Life is a Sale?

Apparently the only jobs available in California right now are sales positions. I’ve had several interviewers try to convince me that people “sell” themselves every day. I just can’t “buy” that concept. It makes me very uncomfortable to think that people are so dishonest, that they lie so much in their daily lives, that they have to actively “sell” those lies to other people to get them to “buy” the act.

Dressing appropriately for a specific situation is not “selling” an image. If I put on an evening gown to go out to a nice restaurant, I am not “selling” the image of “money and power” or “elegance” or whatever. I am simply paying respect to the person, or people, I am having dinner with. The same goes for dressing appropriately for work.

The same thing applies to behavior. As a customer service representative, I am not “selling” an image of a happy person who is willing to help resolve problems while I am at work, I am simply doing my job.

On the weekend, if I happen to go out with some friends, I am not “selling” an image of a party girl, I am simply having fun with some friends.

Life is not a sale. Those who say it is have a very shallow view of life’s potential, and I feel very sorry for those people.


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