Boy, Do We Need Jobs!

Everywhere I look there is hardship. Small business are struggling, hardworking people can’t find jobs, and no one knows what to do. Politicians continue to make empty promises about bringing jobs back to their small little areas, but how do they propose to do that? No one gives any detailed plans, or any logical answers that will tell us how they will achieve such a great feat. They just expect us to trust that they will.

There is only one way to bring jobs back to America. The only way companies will bring those jobs back to us, is if it is too expensive to send those jobs overseas. We need a tariff on incoming goods. One that makes the cheap labor in other countries null and void.

There is a huge obstacle standing in the way of such a tariff: lobbyists. How in the world are we supposed to convince our legislators to institute a tax on the very companies who are buying their votes in the first place?

Lobbyists have no business in Washington to begin with. These bloodsucking piranha have been tainting our political system for far too long. Some would ask, “Without the lobbyists, who would would research the issues on behalf of the politicians?” That is an excellent question, to which I would answer, students. I think this would be an excellent opportunity to offer internships to students, especially ones with an interest in law or political science. The students are less likely to have a specific bias or agenda, therefore their research is likely to be more genuine and thorough.

Not only would a program like this benefit the American people, these internships would benefit the students who get them. They would be sought after appointments. Since internships are unpaid, it would cost the taxpayers nothing, and everyone would gain something.

Once the the lobbyists have been expelled from Washington, the issues could be properly researched, our politicians can be truly informed on the issues, and there will not be a constant influence buying off and tainting our leaders. The first order of business will be to put that tariff in place, and bring our jobs back home.


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