People often ask me why I’m an atheist. I find this question to be absurd. It’s like asking me why my eyes are brown, or why I’m female. Sure, I can give you a long, drawn out scientific reason for each of those, but the plain truth is, that’s the way it is–my default. The same is true for atheism. If no one had told me about a deity, there is no way I would have thought to attribute anything in this world to one on my own. In fact, my skepticism about god was there in my earliest memories.

My parents promised me that they would answer all of my questions…about anything…and tell me the truth about everything I wanted to know. I was told that, “Because I said so,” was not an answer, and that inquiry was a positive thing…until I started asking questions. My favorite question was, “Why?” I always wanted to know why things happened, and from there, I wanted to know how.

By the age of four I knew most of the main scriptures in the bible by heart, and they simply didn’t make sense. Unfortunately, the questions I kept asking made my parents uncomfortable. All of those things I was told about being told the truth, that they would not hold back, that they would never say things like, “just because,” or “because I said so,” went straight out the window. The more questions I asked, the more aggravated my mother got with me. By the time my parents divorced, it seemed like my mom hated me.

For years I lived with mom without religion around. After she died, I was told that my life had been destroyed because I, “had turned my back on god.” That didn’t make sense to begin with, because a child can’t do such a thing, but I decided to look into it. As I looked into the churches in the area, I found sex, drugs, corruption, and so much more–basically a cesspool I really didn’t want to be a part of. From there I started feeling some of my old doubts surfacing.

Someone I really care about believes very much in the existence of god. This person is one of the smartest men I’ve ever known (and I know some outright geniuses) so I set out on a quest. I wanted to find real evidence of the existence of god.

Unfortunately, that did not happen. Scientifically, it is impossible to prove a negative, but what I found came darn close. So many people have been so bent on proving the existence of god, that they fabricate evidence. Over the course of my investigation, I found that all (that’s ALL, not nearly all) of the evidence that supports supernatural biblical events thus far, has been proven to be fabricated.

I find it ridiculous that people try to claim that the bible is accurate because a few of the geographical points of references could be correct. Does that mean that Harry Potter is true because some of the story takes place in London?

After thoroughly researching this subject for many years, I had to conclude that my initial intuition as a child was correct; there is no god.


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