Is It Really MY City?

I started playing a Facebook game called Supercity. Like any other simulation style game, it claims that you have control over how your city grows and develops. The problem is, the game is set up to ensure that every city “grows and develops” in the exact same way. You must put schools out at a certain point. You must develop the transportation system when the game says it is appropriate. Why is it that these games limit the gameplay to mimic what is seen as the ideal small-town American lifestyle? What if I want to create a different type of lifestyle with a better way of living?

As I’ve mentioned before in my blog, our educational system is obviously failing. What if I wanted to implement the working education┬ásystem that I’ve talked about before? People are spending far too much on a college education. What if I want to create a city that gives everyone a fighting chance, not just the elite?

My ideas are sound. They would work, but they will never see the light of day in this country because my ideas take money out of the pockets of the rich and powerful.