Virtual School

Anyone who has read my blogs knows how I feel about the public school system. I find it refreshing to know that several states have pulled themselves into the twenty-first century. Many, including my new home here in Texas, have embraced the concept of online public school. This puts the k-12 curriculum in an easy to access online format that parents and children can navigate together at their own pace. This puts the education in the hands of the family, and helps kids realize their true potential.

In a classroom setting children feel weak, vulnerable, and stupid. At home they feel comfortable, empowered, and able. Take the hard desks, uncomfortable chairs and bullies out of the equation, and many of our students that would otherwise have fallen through the cracks will rise into great minds.

This method saves a lot of money on public education spending. Some people may be concerned about job loss in the teaching industry. What I see happening is the privatization of teaching. Instead of low paying, highly regulated government teaching jobs, there are a multitude of private agencies opening up to help children “get ahead.” Sylvan Learning Center, Cum On, Mad Science, and many more are stepping in to teach children where the public school system leaves off; often times going above and beyond the public school efforts. These institutions offer fun and rewarding teaching experiences with smaller class sizes and often better pay.

Children cannot succeed without confidence and knowledge. In my opinion, keeping our children close to home is the best way to ensure that they get just that.

Here is a list of online k-12 schools here in Texas.


I find there to be a BIG difference between legitimate private educational programs like the ones mentioned above and shady charter schools that misappropriate government funds for their own greedy purposes. Our public school dollars should not be lining some crook’s pocket. Instead, it should be funding programs like the online K-12 here in Texas. Saving money, protecting our children from bullies, ensuring parents are more involved in their children’s education…how much more win do we need?


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