Uber Failure

So I thought I’d make some money in my spare time driving people around with Uber. It seems like a really good idea, right? Riiiight?

Well, the first ride I landed was really frustrating because the Uber app was difficult to figure out. The video they show made it seem easy, and, apparently, didn’t fully explain everything. You’re supposed to just click that you picked up your ride, then start ride, then you can navigate where they want to go. Well, after I picked up my ride, the start ride button never came up, and I kind of panicked, then used google to navigate where we needed to go. We got there, THEN the start ride button came up, so I had to retrace my steps to get paid. I was not happy, not happy at all.

That experience left me wary of using Uber for about a week, but today I decided that I give it a try on my way home from work. I was prepared for the start ride glitch from before, but that never even came into play. First off, the Uber-Google navigation integration completely failed. Fortunately, I knew basically where I was, so it wasn’t a big deal. The problem came in when I realized that I was being sent to a non-existent address. I got a text saying that my rider was waiting outside “the Race Trac,” the only problem with that, there was no Race Trac anywhere in the vicinity of the given non-existent address. After about ten minutes of trying to find this non-existent place, the customer canceled the ride, so I won’t even get paid for the time, effort, and gas I put in on the crank call.

Between the technical issues with the app itself, and the fact that I’m having to pay for being sent to a non-existent address (something that could and should be accounted for in their software), I feel that this was a very bad decision, especially since Uber sends me a multitude of texts from several different numbers every day…texts that I don’t want.

There is no way for me to cancel my “membership” or whatever it is on the app. The only way I can stop them from texting me is to block each individual number they use (which is a lot). I really feel like a made a mistake here, and I’m not sure how to fix it.


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