Keep Your Superficial “Hi”

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This image has appeared on a lot of my friend’s social media streams. I have so many issues with this one sentence, it’s really hard to count them all, but I’ll try. To begin with, this is passive-aggression at its core. This sentence is blaming other people for your emotional issues, giving you permission to be angry at them for absolutely nothing! If that’s not passive-aggressive, I don’t know what is. Next, this is demanding attention from everyone, and telling them they are worthless if they don’t give you what you want. Really? Then, this notion that “it takes 2.5 seconds to text hi” bothers. Why would I want a bunch of people texting a superficial “hi” to me? That’s not communication…not by a long shot! After that we have the desperate, needy tone to this sentence. Why is someone so desperate for those superficial texts? This sentence tells me that the friends posting it have some serious soul searching to do. Do they really want friends to communicate with, or do they want a bunch of superficial texts to boost their ego? Personally, I want friends that I can trust…friends that I can communicate with. In other words, keep your your superficial “hi”.