Are opinions like ***holes?

People say that everyone has an opinion and some stink worse than others. The truth is, most opinions stink pretty badly. Why don’t mine? Because I’m right. I don’t even say “I told you so,” anymore because it does no good. People don’t listen. I’m reminded of the old Greek stories of Cassandra. She was cursed with ability to see the future. It was a curse, you see, because no one believed her. She could scream her prophesies of doom from the mountain tops, but everyone would simply laugh and call her crazy. She was then forced to watch in agony as her visions came true before her eyes. Perhaps my plight is not so grim, but I can see the road that people take, and deduce the inevitable outcome. I am not brash nor cold-hearted in my dealings with others. I do try to stave off pain by gently making them aware of the choices they are making. Like Cassandra, my warnings are laughed off and quickly forgotten. Worse yet, when the things I predict do come to pass, I often lose friends, either out of embarrassment or misplaced anger. (Somehow being able to see the tragedy coming makes me responsible for it…)

What was the point? Opinions. Sure, everyone has them. Some people more than others. Some opinions are better than others. Most opinions are crap. Why? Nobody stops to think before they form one. People allow the idiocy all around them to form their opinions for them without actually giving any thought to what is at stake. If someone asks “do you like broccoli?” they get a knee jerk response, either yes or no, usually based on childhood experiences. Me, it’s not that simple. I love perfectly ripe raw broccoli, and it’s great in sir fry or if it’s battered. Steamed is tricky. I like it up to a point. Once it is overdone, I can’t stand it anymore. I won’t eat boiled broccoli because in my opinion, everyone overcooks it when they boil it. Most people don’t think that deeply about broccoli, much less anything else. That’s why their opinions suck. When people start caring enough about themselves to truly consider what they are commenting about, perhaps their comments, and therefore their opinions, will begin to matter.


2 thoughts on “Are opinions like ***holes?

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    • I appreciate the feedback. My first grandchild had his second birthday this past November. I wasn’t able to give my own children the type of education I feel they needed or deserved. I’m hoping I can help my daughter offer my grandson something better, and maybe in the process inspire others to do the same. Educating your own children doesn’t carry the same stigma it did fifteen years ago, and I intend to be supportive and helpful, unlike my parents who believed that status quo was the only way to educate children.

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