The Change

He gazed at her body writhing beneath his; the perfect curve of her flesh, the rise and fall of her breasts, and he felt the soft caress of her skin as it slid back and forth against his own. He felt her claws tear into his back as he thrust himself within her, and couldn’t help letting out a deep, guttural, animalistic howl. The nails felt good; she felt good. He looked down and couldn’t help smiling, just a bit, as her body began to take on more animalistic features. Her jaw, and torso, had elongated and her ears had begun to move up the the side of her head, toward the top. Tan and grey fur had started to sprout all over her body. He knew that similar changes were happening to him–it was inevitable in the throes of passion, and he always enjoyed watching it. He was fascinated by the change. As they reached their climax, she made sure to give him a little love nip the neck, before losing her biting edge. As they lie side by side, regaining their human form, he thought to himself, Her form may change, but she will always remain beautiful in my eyes.