Obvious Insensitivity

As the people who read my blog are probably well aware, I work at a gas station. Yesterday was unusually hot for this area. Since the people who live here are used to cool weather pretty much year round, they abuse the air conditioning. If the temperature rises to 75 degrees or more, the people who work in the gas station (other than myself) will run the AC full blast. That behavior has taken its toll, and the AC no longer works. Last night was well over 90 and I had no AC to stave off the heat. Fortunately, I’m from the South, so I can take the heat. What I had a harder time taking was the blatant insensitivity of the customers strolling through the store. Over and over again I heard phrases like, “Damn it’s hot, I fell sorry for you,” or “I sure wouldn’t want to be in your shoes tonight.” You know, I’m the one baking in this oven. I really don’t need a line of jerks strolling through the store reminding me of how hot it is every 5 minutes! Take your insensitive remarks and shove them! Learn a little respect while you’re at it.


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